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Punyal origins

Philippine Martial Arts Institute

Guro Tony’s Kali System, also known as Marcial Tirada, is the cornerstone of instruction at the Philippine Martial Arts Institute. This system is a fusion of various Kali traditions originating mainly from the Pangasinan region of the Philippines.

At the core of the Marcial Tirada Kali System are several key weapon disciplines, including single and double stick techniques, knife fighting, and stick & dagger combat. Emphasizing weaponry as a foundational aspect, practitioners are trained to cultivate heightened awareness, sensitivity, coordination, and swift reflexes.

Following proficiency in weapon-based techniques, practitioners delve into empty-hand combat, encompassing a broad spectrum of skills:

  • Boxing techniques
  • Low line kicks
  • Locks and joint manipulations
  • Trapping maneuvers
  • Takedowns
  • Utilization of knees and elbows for close-quarter engagements
  • Ground fighting strategies
  • Fluid grappling techniques

Through the comprehensive training in Kali, practitioners develop the ability to seamlessly adapt and respond to both singular and multiple opponents, embodying a dynamic flow in combat scenarios.

Sword Ginunting

Traditional Filipino Weapons

Traditional Filipino weapons hold a revered place in the rich tapestry of Filipino martial arts. These weapons, ranging from bladed implements like the bolo and barong to impact weapons like sticks and staffs, are integral to the practice of arts such as Kali, Arnis, and Eskrima. Each weapon is steeped in cultural significance and practical application, reflecting centuries of refinement and adaptation in response to historical contexts and combat realities.