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Gratitude to Guro, In 2008, when I embarked on my quest for a stick fighting instructor, my focus was clear: I sought a Filipino style school. I was driven by the understanding that Filipino stick fighters are renowned for their unparalleled techniques. Narrowing down my search to five schools online, the next step was the interview process.

I attended a class at a school in Michigan initially, and while I appreciated the class and the instructor, my experience in the martial arts taught me the importance of exploring multiple options before making a decision. About three weeks later, I visited the Philippine Martial Arts Institute with one of my instructors, and that’s when I knew my search had come to an end. I had found my place.

Meeting Guro Marcial and training alongside him, his instructors, and fellow students, I was convinced I had discovered an exceptional instructor and mentor. Guro Marcial’s depth of knowledge and his ability to impart his art to his students instilled in me the confidence and trust to bring my own students to train with him. They say the measure of a leader lies in their students, and Guro Marcial exemplifies the essence of a true martial artist. Warm regards,

Master James Taylor Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Woodville & Columbus Grove, Ohio