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Traditional Filipino Weapons

Sword Karambit


    Welcome to our article on the Sword Karambit, a truly unique weapon that has captured the attention of martial arts and self-defense enthusiasts worldwide. With… Read More »Karambit

    Sword War Golok

    War Golok

      Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of the Sword War Golok, where history, power, and tradition converge. This iconic blade has left an… Read More »War Golok

      Sword Dahong Palay

      Dahong Palay

        Discover the storied legacy of the Dahong Palay, a legendary sword renowned for its symbol of valor, exquisite craftsmanship, and deep cultural significance within the… Read More »Dahong Palay

        Sword Sansibar


          Welcome to an exploration of the exquisite world of the Sansibar. This legendary sword, with its origins rooted in history, represents the pinnacle of tradition,… Read More »Sansibar

          Sword Visayan Barong

          Visayan Barong

            Immerse yourself in the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of the Visayan Barong, a true gem of Filipino heritage. This traditional weapon holds a special… Read More »Visayan Barong

            Sword Bicuco


              Welcome to the fascinating world of the Sword Bicuco, a historical blade with a rich heritage and expert craftsmanship. This iconic weapon holds a significant… Read More »Bicuco

              Sword Sanduko Y Daga

              Sanduko Y Daga

                Welcome to the world of Sanduko Y Daga, a traditional Filipino martial art that encompasses skill, strength, and cultural heritage. In this captivating practice, the… Read More »Sanduko Y Daga

                Sword Kris


                  Welcome to our journey into the world of the Sword Kris, one of the most cherished traditional Filipino weapons. With its rich history and cultural… Read More »Kris

                  Sword Golok


                    Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the Golok, a traditional Filipino sword known for its versatility, rich history, and cultural significance. In this article, we… Read More »Golok

                    Sword Espada Y Daga

                    Espada Y Daga

                      Welcome to the fascinating world of Espada Y Daga, a captivating martial art that combines the artistry of sword and dagger techniques. In this article,… Read More »Espada Y Daga